Welcome to Sell Gold HQ!
In case you have not figured it out we are a free and unbiased information resource for anyone thinking about selling their gold. We research the industry and post related articles as well as utilize mystery shoppers to regularly test gold buyers to provide accurate information for consumers.

We are not a gold or precious metal buyer. We do not want your gold unless of course you feel like we deserve a present :). Sell Gold HQ is only an educational resource. We are part of the new Veritas Consumer Guide Network which is dedicated to providing information in order for you to make more informed consumer decisions.


Why are we doing this?
The economy is not doing so well and if you are thinking about selling gold than you are probably not doing great yourself. Unfortunately too many people have made poor decisions that they regret. Hopefully Sell Gold HQ will help prevent some of these poor decisions.


If you like us, you will love our favorite places:

  • Better Business Bureau – Keeping tabs on business. You can search their database to find out how the business is rated and also review any complaints that may have been filed against them.

  • Consumer Reports – The famous resource of mystery shoppers and technical experts that test consumer products for you. It is a paid service but that is because they do not accept advertising to ensure their impartiality.
  • Consumerist – Providing news, advice with plentiful snarky comments on the top consumer issues of the day. It also highlights deals of the day.
  • Fat Wallet – A community of savvy shoppers sharing hot deals, coupons and other discounts. More importantly their forum allows consumers to discuss the pros and cons of each deal.


We love to hear from our visitors! We are trying to make Sell Gold HQ as helpful as possible. If you have information that you would like to share or a suggestion for us please contact us.