Precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum have such an inherent value that you can take your precious metals – even your scrap precious metals – and sell them at almost any time. Precious metals are commodities that stand up to market tests and fluctuations, retaining their long-term value even if short-term swings have a minimal effect.

In essence, silver is no different from these precious metals (except for the obvious qualities, of course) and, as such, can be sold to online metal brokers easily and securely. If you’re looking to make a quick buck on the scrap precious metals you have in your possession – particularly your silver – here are where you can find small pieces of scrap silver to sell.

Old, Unwanted, or Broken Jewelry

Old, broken jewelry is still one of the easiest and fastest ways to find a precious metal that you’re looking for, whether it be silver scraps, gold, or platinum. Silver can be found in cuff links, silver earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, and other miscellaneous items that you don’t need to use anymore.

Broken jewelry is particularly valuable for scrap silver because you won’t need to make any repairs to the jewelry in order to sell it. Instead, you can simply send it off to an online metal broker and they’ll take care of the rest for you. The jewelry being broken makes no difference, as long as the silver or gold is still present.

If you’re looking to gather up all of scrap metals for selling, then your jewelry box or safe is the best place to start. What can you part with that you don’t use or need anymore? If you have some silver laying around in the jewelry bin, you also have yourself some scrap silver you can quickly make some money on.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t even have to be old or broken jewelry that you sell. Are there any items in your possession that you simply don’t need or wear anymore? Did one set of earrings from a long time ago come as an unwanted gift, a gift that you hardly wore? If so, they might be good candidates for your “scrap silver” pile, as well.

Sterling Silverware

Do you have an old or antique silverware set that’s marked as sterling silver? Then congratulations; you’ve also got “scrap” silver on your hands. If you’ve upgraded your silverware set for something more modern and kept your old sterling silverware set because you thought it might pay off, you’ve now found the way to make it pay off.

Sterling silver is silver of a special quality, over 90% made of pure silver, making it especially perfect to sell as scrap metal. Online metal brokers will be able to take this sterling silver off of your hand easily.

Pins, Clips, and Wire

You’ll also be able to find silver prevalent in clips, pins, and wire around the house. If you have any large quantities of these miscellaneous scrap pieces, get your hands on them and if you think they might be made of silver, pile ’em in.

Keep your eyes peeled for these objects, as they’re usually smaller and more inconspicuous. If you do herd this kind of scrap silver into your selling pile, make sure that you actually are able to throw in a sizable amount. It’s fine to toss one or two small silver objects you found, but a small silver pin or other similar object won’t be able to fetch you much. Just keep that in mind as you work to find all the silver you can.

Selling your Scrap Silver

Once you have searched through your silver to find any silver you can spare, you should have a pretty sizeable amount of silver in your possession – even more than you originally thought you would find. You’re ready to sell it now.

Once you are, you’ll be able to receive insured mailing for the scrap silver you own. Insured mailing offers you a secured way to mail this silver without worrying about any potential loss in value for your silver. It will also allow you to transport the silver with peace of mind that your precious metals are being taken care of.

After this stage, you’ll likely receive an offer from the silver broker for the silver you own, and it’s simply a matter of whether or not you think the offer is fair. Keep in mind that you can include gold and platinum in your mailing to enhance the value of the scrap metals you have.