It’s on the radio, the television, and even the internet. Right now it seems everyone is interested in gold. The reason for this sudden public interest in gold is the recent record breaking high in price. While the gold market has settled down for a bit, many people are still showing more interest than ever before. Chances are you have even had some thought about how to take advantage of this sudden interest, but you don’t know where to look for gold. Well the truth is that there are many sources of gold in your very own home.

Of course the first place you want to look is in your jewelry box. If you have an old broken necklace, or maybe even a ring you would rather forget you ever had, these are excellent candidates for selling. Unmatched earrings, brooches missing gems or other accents, and bent bracelets are also things for consideration. Give you jewelry box a good once over, set aside all the jewelry that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of.

Next check the old junk drawer. Every house has one or two of these that are the final resting place for broken watches, busted knick knacks and other things that might have high gold contents. Watches are probably your best bet to find gold in the junk drawer, but there might be other things such as broken gold knick knacks, old medals that are cracked or just of no interest, and many other items that have gold content. When you find them, set them aside with the other pieces you found in your jewelry box.

Once you are done searching through the junk drawers your next trip is going to be too the garage or shed. This will probably take some work, but almost everyone has unpacked boxes, bags full of things they have long forgot they had. Not only is this a great way to find a little bit of scrap gold, but it also a great way to take a trip down memory lane. Also you might find that hammer you have been wishing you hadn’t lost. This is a great way to spend a weekend day, and its something you probably have wanted to do for a while anyway.

If you are in the mood to continue looking you might want to call up your parents and ask them if you can go through their old stuff. If they are okay with it, simply repeat the process you went through in your own home. However, you might want to consider cutting them in on the money you make, as they could probably use it as well. Also siblings, in laws and friends are worth considering as well. Maybe instead of collecting the whole amount you can charge a slight finders fee. This makes you money and look like a nice person.

Some people actually prowl yard sales and thrift shops looking for gold. This is actually a pretty good idea, however because more and more people are becoming aware of the worth of gold, finding it at such places has become harder as well. Also, some people take out news paper ads, the problem here is that local pawn shops and jewelers are competing with you, and chances are they have more money to put behind advertising than you do. Selling scrap gold is not about starting a business, it is about making a little extra money.

After tackling your garage and shed, you are probably both tired and have found quite a bit of gold. Now you will want to take all the gold you found and begin to sort it out. This may take some time, but you want to go through each bit of gold and try to find its content. You are looking for gold that is between 10k and 24k. While most jewelry is pretty easy to figure out, other items such as medals, knick knack and other such things may not be. Don’t worry if you don’t know for sure, send it in anyway because if it is worth something you don’t want to miss out.

Once you have your gold selected. Call a gold broker. They will send out an insured mailer (so that you are protected). When you receive the mailer place the gold you want an offer on in the envelope and send it back. Do not worry, the mailer is insured, this means if it gets lost or stolen you will get compensated for your loss.

Once they receive the mailer their appraisers will look over the gold you sent in and then call you with an offer. Feel free to accept the offer or reject the offer. If you accept the offer they will send you a check, if you don’t accept the offer they will send the jewelry back free of charge.