When I ask you to think about ways to retrieve gold, what images pop into your mind? Do you see vast gold mines, recovered treasures, and antique jewelry boxes? Those are some possibilities, and many people today would share some of those same estimations with you when it comes to finding and retrieving gold.

What if I told you to imagine a dentist’s office, or, more specifically, someone’s mouth? That doesn’t seem like the likeliest of places to find gold, but you’d be surprised what kind of treasure trove of gold can be extracted when you open your mind to these new possibilities and consider that yes, even dental scrap can be considerably valuable.

Today, selling gold and other precious metals like silver and platinum is a great way to find extra cash that you didn’t expect. And with today’s increases of technology and innovations, it’s easier than ever to sell something like dental scrap and get some quick cash in return. Here’s a guide that explains what to do with dental scrap, how to acquire it, and how to sell it.

Finding Dental Scrap

First, by sheer numbers alone, chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re not a dentist. You might know one, you might have been to the dentist before, and you might have even thought about being a dentist, but if you don’t have gold in your mouth – or even if you do – you might be wondering, how exactly would dental scrap help me?

Well, you’d be surprised at the value of dental scrap, particularly since you’ll probably be looking to sell this dental scrap to an online metal broker. Online metal brokers are people who are looking for the metal itself, and will be willing to take dental scrap because the gold in dental articles is just as good as gold from anywhere else.

How do we define “dental scrap”? Well, there’s the obvious articles of dental scrap: think bridges and crowns. But there’s gold present in other pieces of dental scrap, as well: clasps, clippings, dental grindings, polishings, fillings, and inlays. There’s a possibility that you’re not even aware of the presence of gold in your mouth, as gold might be used in smaller, unremarkable amounts for some types of dental fittings.

These all qualify as dental scrap, and if you’re looking to make some quick cash off of the dental scrap in your possession, it would be helpful to know exactly what’s in your mouth and how much of it there is. If you’re curious about a clipping or other removable item, be sure to ask your dentist – the one who put it in – about the quality and amount of gold in the article. Even if you don’t think there’s any gold to be found, you might be surprised sometimes. After all, there’s a reason gold is one of the metals of choice when it comes to dentistry, and it’s used more frequently than you think.

Selling Dental Scrap

Okay, you’ve found the dental scrap. Where do you go from here? This is the easy part particularly as you should be able to find some online metal brokers to help you. Check out precious metal brokers can do for you, and the prices they should be able to offer you on your dental scrap.

Once your scrap is gathered and in a safe place (we recommend that you look into purchasing a safe, for example, to keep your gold and jewelry secure), you should be ready for insured mailing. What’s insured mailing? It’s simply a package that you should receive from a precious metal broker that allows you to send your gold scraps across land without wondering about the risk inherently involved. You’ll want to find insured mailing during this process, even if you don’t think your scraps are worth it: don’t worry, precious metal brokers will provide the mailing for you.

Next, precious metal brokers will take your dental scrap and generate an appraisal, then making an offer to you for the gold. It’s up to you whether to accept or deny this appraisal, but you should receive a fair price considering precious metal brokers will then melt down the metal for further industrial use. The dental scrap will be off of your hands, and it will be replaced by a fresh new check that you can carry all the way to the bank.

Once you investigate this process, you’ll find that understanding what to do with dental scrap isn’t really such a complicated thing. You’ve already done half of the work by making it through this article. Just remember to use a precious metal broker, and make sure that you have fun.