Did you ever figure you could turn a profit from a fun family project? Making extra cash isn’t on everyone’s mind when getting the family together, but collecting scrap gold and other precious metals and selling them could be exactly what you need.

For a lot of parents, teaching your kids the value of hard work isn’t easy. Fun family events and games are constructed with the element of work taken out. But collecting gold and other precious metals could turn into a fun scavenger hunt that teaches your children that the harder they work, the better the rewards can be.

It’s possible to make a fun game out of selling your gold to a broker, but you have to be responsible and be aware of the process first. You can’t let young children tinker around in places they shouldn’t be exploring, and you should supervise them to make sure you’re not giving them any of the wrong ideas about gold.

For example, many people go “urban mining,” which is a term described sifting through garbage for the precious metals available in old electronics and industrial equipment. You’ll obviously want to keep this as strictly a household activity.

But with some planning and responsibility, not to mention some creativity, it’s possible to turn a fun family game into some extra cash, all the while teaching your children about the value of hard work and earning your money.

How can you do this? Here are some tips. First, learn how to sell your gold using credible sources, and then create a fun family game around it.

-Selling your spare gold online.

It helps to get started creating a fun family project if you already have undergone the process of selling gold yourself. It isn’t rocket science, and you can get started selling scrap gold today if you’re willing to try something new.

First, you have to know where to look for gold. It’s not as hard as you might think. Anything from old or broken jewelry to electronics or industrial products might contain gold. First, make a list of everything you can think of in your house that could be used for scrap gold. Old computers, cell phones, and other electronics are a great place to start.

Once you’ve gathered a bit of scrap gold, find a credible broker online. How do you discern who is a credible broker and who isn’t? For one, you can check each Website for a Better Business Bureau listing and see if a specific broker is trustworthy.

You should also know that online gold broker will be willing to provide you with insured mail in order to send your gold to them for an appraisal. This is a crucial element to the security of selling gold online and you should expect this service to be provided.

Upon finding a credible broker, simply send off your gold for appraisal. Not after long, you’ll receive an appraisal and possibly a check for the gold you provided; it’s up to you, at this point, to decide whether you want to sell or not.

After you’ve done this a few times, you’re ready to turn the gold hunt into a fun game for your family to try.

-Turning a family project into gold.

Introducing this game as a scavenger hunt (particularly to younger kids), you might want to do some of the initial work yourself.

You can’t have your kids opening up old electronics and looking for gold – instead, separate broken jewelry and gold bits from electronics beforehand. Hide them in some appropriate places.

Then, tell your kids about the scavenger hunt – which you could also label as a “treasure hunt.” If they take to the project and are ambitious, you can even ask friends and neighbors for any old gold items they might currently have no use for.

Complete the rest of the process with your kids – such as filling up envelopes with your loot and having them help send it off. When you receive a check for your scrap gold, share it with the family and use the money for a fun or interesting prize.

With some originality and creativity, you can teach your kids about finances and earning their own money. It’s important to point out how fun it can be to try to earn one’s own money by taking the initiative.

If your kids are a little older, you might want to let them handle even more. For example, establishing a “gold collection” contest that allows your older children to seek out their own gold would be more involving for them. Teach them the common places to find gold – electronics, for example – and let them loose. The results of such a contest might even surprise you.