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Why Rich People Sell Silver

Upon first inspection, the question seems like an obvious one: why do rich people sell silver? Well, isn’t it obvious? Silver’s a valuable metal and yields a pretty nice price for the smaller amounts you’ll have to sell. Unfortunately, this is just one way of looking at it. After all, if silver is valuable, and […]

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Where to Find Scrap Silver

Precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum have such an inherent value that you can take your precious metals – even your scrap precious metals – and sell them at almost any time. Precious metals are commodities that stand up to market tests and fluctuations, retaining their long-term value even if short-term swings have a […]

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Why is Silver Cheaper Than Gold?

If you’re aware of the precious metals – silver, gold, and platinum – you might be aware of the different properties they each have. For example, platinum has a very high melting point, while gold is particularly soft and malleable. Though they have many commonalities, when compared to each other, these precious metals have a […]

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