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Dealing With Broken Platinum Jewelry

To many people, “platinum” carries a special meaning above even the other precious metals, silver and gold. We’re used to hearing about “platinum” albums being the best possible success for an album to reach (actually, it’s diamond), or we hear about “platinum blond” movie stars from the 1950s. When we buy platinum jewelry, the uneducated […]

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Why is Platinum A Good Metal for Jewelry?

Although we’re used to gold and silver as the structure in our jewelry, we often forget that platinum is also a great metal used in jewelry. If you’re a little confused about exactly what platinum is, it would be good to think of platinum as a cross between gold and silver, an element that looks […]

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Help Charity with Broken Platinum Jewelry

If you glanced at the title of this article, there’s a good chance you had one of two reactions: “Help charity with broken jewelry? Isn’t donating broken jewelry equivalent to an insult?” “Broken platinum jewelry can’t even help me, let alone some a charity!” If you caught yourself having one of the above reactions, it […]

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