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How Are Gold Watches Made?

Many times, it’s common for us to look at a device as “simple” as a gold watch and think you know, this gold watch is great and everything, but all it does is tell time – why on Earth is it worth so much? This is an interesting question to ask.

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How Are Earrings Made?

You’ve snapped them to your earlobe. You’ve gushed when you opened a gift box and saw two little pearls resting comfortably inside. You’ve admired them when you see them brilliantly displayed in TV commercials, or in the windows of a jeweler at a shopping mall. Heck, you’ve even had a couple of holes punched in […]

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Why is Platinum A Good Metal for Jewelry?

Although we’re used to gold and silver as the structure in our jewelry, we often forget that platinum is also a great metal used in jewelry. If you’re a little confused about exactly what platinum is, it would be good to think of platinum as a cross between gold and silver, an element that looks […]

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