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When Should You Sell Your Gold?

If you are hanging on to your old gold jewelry, gold scrap, gold coins, or other gold items, unsure of whether or not to sell them for cash, then don’t wait too long – you may be disappointed with your cash return. Gold is selling at historic highs at present, but no one knows when […]

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Which Is More Valuable – Gold or Platinum?

Two of the most recognizable precious metals – gold and platinum – have long since taken a strong root in our culture. From phrases like “platinum blond” or “platinum album” to “solid gold,” we have an inherent understanding about the value of gold and platinum in both our society and as individuals.

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Future of Gold

Recently it seems every where you look investment markets are in a tailspin. Part of it has to do with the housing collapse, part of it has to do with gross mismanagement of business interests, and some of it has to do with the fact that markets rise and fall. This is also true with […]

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