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Industrial Uses for Gold

While gold is known perhaps best for its value and price it is also in high demand in many industrial and technology sectors. Because of its very unique properties, gold is used in everything from electronics to space flight. In fact, while gold is still primarily considered a commodity, its use in both industrial and […]

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Cashing in Dental Gold

Gold, gold, gold. Everywhere you look, everything you hear, it’s all talking about gold. Recently gold has seen record high prices in the market and while it has calmed down a bit, is still a very strong investment. Unfortunately most people do not have enough money to get involved in gold from an investment stand […]

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Why Dentists Use Gold

However you look at it, gold is a valuable thing. The ancient Egyptians revered it and used it well, fashioning countless antiques, decorations, and masks from gold in order to celebrate their royalty and religion. Gold is used to commemorate weddings, used as a sign of ultimate affection for young men who want to win […]

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