Dealing With Broken Platinum Jewelry

To many people, “platinum” carries a special meaning above even the other precious metals, silver and gold. We’re used to hearing about “platinum” albums being the best possible success for an album to reach (actually, it’s diamond), or we hear about “platinum blond” movie stars from the 1950s. When we buy platinum jewelry, the uneducated mind won’t be sure what to make of it, but those familiar with platinum know they’ve come across a rare and valuable commodity. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Where Are The Best Watches Made?

Vacheron Constantin, Patek Phillip, Rolex – depending on your knowledge of watches, you might not have understood all of those names I just mentioned. To some, it might sound like gibberish. To others, it might sound like [gibberish], [gibberish], Rolex. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Why is Diamond Jewelry So Valuable?

You might look at a diamond ring in your possession and wonder to yourself “how can the small diamond in this ring be worth more than all of the gold there?” Diamonds are renowned for their inherent value as a jewel, given rise to phrases like “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” In our culture, and in past and ancient cultures, the diamond has held a special significance as something of extremely high worth. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Where To Find Scrap Gold

It’s on the radio, the television, and even the internet. Right now it seems everyone is interested in gold. The reason for this sudden public interest in gold is the recent record breaking high in price. While the gold market has settled down for a bit, many people are still showing more interest than ever before. Chances are you have even had some thought about how to take advantage of this sudden interest, but you don’t know where to look for gold. Well the truth is that there are many sources of gold in your very own home. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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