Vermont pawn shops offer short term monetary loans in exchange for an item of value that is given to the pawn broker. Over 80% of pawn shop loans are repaid and the items are returned. Please make sure to review Vermont state law on the interest rates and transaction fees pawnbrokers can charge. These pawn shops serve Essex Junction, Winooski and surrounding areas.


Unsworth & Barra, PLC
26 Railroad Avenue, Essex Junction VT 05452
802-879-7133 –

Global Garage Sale
94 West Canal St. #4, Winooski VT 05404
802-655-4443 –



Common Pawnbroker Question:
Q: Are pawn shop rates excessive?
A: No. Pawn shops do charge service fees that cover the loan and overhead of maintaining a pawn shop. These fees are often less than bank fees for overdrawn checking accounts. Pawn shop fees are upfront with no hidden charges.

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