In these tough economic times, many people are turning to creative ways to find some scrap gold and silver that they can sell to an online metal broker. These creative ways can yield a treasure trove of scrap metal that can be melted down by these online metal brokers and re-used, generating a nice bit of cash for the seller and helping everyone at every stage of the game. Party-goers get free food and a nice price for their unwanted jewelry, the party host make a profit, and online metal brokers get the metals they’re looking for.

Most people associate this kind of party with gold – and some such parties are even making news as the “new Tupperware party.” But what if you’re not totally interested in gold, or simply can’t find a lot of people who have gold scraps to give away? Well, remember there are other precious metals that can be worth your while, and one of these precious metals is platinum.

In this article, you’ll get a good look at how a platinum party can be held in order to find those ever-elusive bits of platinum to sell to an online broker.

Hosting a Party

First, when you ask people to come to a “platinum party,” you’ll want to make sure it’s actually a party first. Provide food and entertainment for everyone so they don’t feel they’ve simply ventured into one of your get-rich-quick schemes: more people are likely to come if you treat your platinum like every other party and make sure everyone has a good time.

You’ll also want to handle preparation and RSVP’s much like a normal party – essentially, look at a platinum party not only as a way to squeeze scraps of platinum out of people, but as a party with the added bonus of trading for platinum. People will be more willing to not only attend, but to bring their scrap platinum and possibly invite others they know with scrap platinum.

Don’t ignore the platinum aspect: you won’t get people to bring their platinum scraps with them if you simply “casually mention” it to them. Make it clear that you’re hosting a platinum party, not a regular party, and that you expect everyone to show up with some kind of platinum.

Buying the Platinum

After you feel comfortable with all of your party efforts, it’s time to turn the attention to the purpose of the party: acquiring the platinum itself. You should try to become very aware of platinum prices so that you know what to offer for those platinum scraps. Make sure you have an electronic device that can weigh in grams, as well as a way to discern the quality and purity of the platinum you receive.

But that’s not all. You should have empirical, first-hand evidence of the kind of prices you’ll fetch for your platinum. This means that you’ll want to experiment with selling a bit of platinum beforehand; try working with a precious metal broker with just one of your platinum scrap pieces in order to see the kind of prices you can expect to fetch.

Once you know these prices, you’ll have a better idea of what to offer people who bring platinum to your party. Keep a keen eye on the amount of profit you can expect to make – and let people know that they won’t get market value ahead of time. Your party is simply a way to kick back, relax, and get rid of some extra platinum while generating easy money for it. You’re doing them a favor, but you also expect to get something out of it.

Knowing how to measure the purity of platinum, be prepared to weigh it, punch in a few numbers in a calculator, and be ready to come up with a figure on the spot. Don’t be afraid to low-ball these offers, and don’t let your guests push you around with the prices; you’re the host in charge, after all.

Selling the Platinum

Once you’ve gathered a significant amount of platinum from the party, you should already have an online metal broker lined up for the platinum you want to see. With direct experience with this online metal broker under your belt, you’ll feel much more comfortable when it’s time to sell your stash.

If it makes you feel more comfortable, try selling sections of your stash at a time in order to feel secure that you won’t risk everything by sending out your platinum through the mail. This isn’t necessary, however, as they will offer you insured mailing for your platinum package.