We all know how valuable gold is to the world – as a malleable, aesthetically pleasing precious metal, gold is one of the most valuable commodities on the planet, consistently trading for high prices and always representing a great long-term investment for people who want security in their future. We also know that gold’s malleability gives it a solid range of uses, as well as appearances – you’ll see gold in small bits of flakes in drinks like Goldschlager to big, heavy bricks.

So how heavy is gold? And how heavy are those bricks?

Well, there are a few answers to this question – asking how heavy a gold brick is like asking how heavy a pound of feathers weighs. What if you don’t mean a pound of feathers, but a ten pounds of feathers? The answer is contained in the question. Likewise, for gold, there are a number of ways you can measure how heavy it is. Here is a breakdown of how heavy types of gold might appear, including bricks.

First, how heavy is gold itself?

Good question. For this, we’ll need a definition. Gold is often measured in troy ounces, considered a traditional unit of gold weight. How much is a troy ounce? In exact terms, a troy ounce is 31.1034768 grams, which is 10% more than what’s known as the avoirdupois ounce. A troy pound is equivalent to approximately 373 grams.

Gold is generally a heavy metal, similar to water in which if you find just a flake or so of it, you won’t feel the weight of it. But if you get enough gold in one place, you’ll feel how heavy it is. Consider that gold is often traded in troy ounces, and that troy ounces are only about 31 grams. That gives you an idea of how dense gold is.

What constitutes a gold brick, or gold bar?

Gold bars or bricks are simply gold that has been poured into a mold in order to cast its shape in a bar or brick form. This means that the weight can vary, depending on how much gold has been put into it. Many times, a simple 1 kilogram bar (a little more than two pounds) will function as a pretty standard gold bar. Smaller bars, including a 100 gram bar, are also frequently used.

Although that doesn’t sound like much gold, remember that depending on gold prices, a kilogram of gold can be worth as much as eight to ten thousand dollars.

Keep in mind that the weight of gold doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual amount of gold it might contain. Remember to watch the karat quality of the gold in order to see if something is made of pure gold: 24 karats constitutes pure gold.

How about standard atomic weight?

If you really want to get into it, gold is indeed an element on the periodic table, with a standard atomic weight of 196.966569 g x mol-1.

What other types of gold are there?

If you’re not talking strictly about weight, there are plenty of ways to measure gold. The aforementioned karat system is built around fractions of 24: for example, 24 karats suggests 24/24 parts gold, meaning pure gold. 18 karats of gold means the substance in your possession is actually just 18/24 parts gold. Gold is often combined with other metals like silver and copper in order to strengthen or alter its structure.

Gold, as you can see, is a valuable thing, even in small measurements. Large gold bricks like you see in the movies would be worth untold millions, while smaller gold bars in the 1 kilogram range will net thousands to tens of thousands.

Like other metals, gold is a heavy substance with a characteristically dense feel to it – you can even get a sense of this by holding a gold ring or other piece of gold jewelry in your hand. Gold watches, likewise, can be surprisingly heavy and might take a little bit of getting used to before they’re fully comfortable sitting on your wrist. This is true of many metals, such as lead, in which appearances can be deceiving. Gold is not exempt from this rule, though there are other, lighter metals, as well.

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