We’re so used to the sight by now that we don’t give it a second thought. Especially around the holiday season, we see countless commercials on TV, pictures in magazines and newspapers, as well as advertisements on the Internet. When they’re referring to jewelry, they’re usually showing the same thing: diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond necklaces – any type of jewelry, as long as there is a diamond present.

Wait a minute – I thought diamonds were rare. How can they be common enough that it seems like everyone uses them in jewelry? No matter what kind of jeweler you go to, you’ll probably see some type of diamond articles available. If diamonds are one of the precious gemstones, why is it that they’re used so frequently?

The truth is, diamonds are indeed a great gemstone for jewelry. They have properties like extreme hardness that make them ideal as a gemstone, especially set into jewelry with a precious metal like silver, gold or platinum.

In this article we’ll take a look at how the process works, and why diamonds work so well with jewelry.

First: Where Do the Diamonds Come From?

First, diamond ore itself is rare, but even rarer are the jewelry-quality diamonds that can be extracted from this ore. So yes, indeed, diamonds are a very rare material – but that doesn’t mean you can’t find them relatively easy to find. Bear with me as we look further into how diamonds are extracted.

Diamond ore is dug out of the earth and subsequently crushed to separate the gem-quality diamonds from the rest of the diamond (which has other industrial uses). Further separation occurs, and the gem-quality diamonds are extracted and separated during this process, allowing these diamonds to be sent for cutting and polishing.

The diamonds come from a few select areas, including central and southern Africa, as well as small spots in Canada, Russia, and eastern Australia.

Diamonds are rare, but their value makes them highly sought after. Although it seems like diamonds are everywhere once you enter a jewelry store, it helps to realize that each article of jewelry only contains tiny diamonds, usually of small carat measurements. Even the Hope Diamond, up close, is not as large as you might think.

Why Do Diamonds Make Such a Great Gemstone?

Diamonds are the hardest mineral known, meaning that they are extremely durable and can’t be scratched by the gold, silver, or platinum that is typically used in different pieces of jewelry. Once a diamond is cut, it’s easy to set it into a piece of gold without doing any damage to the gold. In fact, high-karat gold and high-grade silver are fairly soft materials by nature and are easy to scratch, while diamond is the exact opposite.

Once a diamond has been properly cut, there’s not much to do with it. Putting the diamond into the jewelry will be a matter of molding the silver or gold around it, setting it in place with a silver or gold mold that fits the shape of the diamond. Although this can be a customized process, sometimes diamonds can be “set in” other pieces of jewelry that have lost their diamond, depending on the dimensions of the original pieces of jewelry.

Diamond also makes a great gemstone because of its long shelf life with the wearer. Gold and silver are durable metals, but diamonds especially will be resistant to damage and the wear and tear traditionally associated with frequent use.

What if your Diamond Has Been Lost?

It’s an infrequent but unfortunate event if you lose the diamond because of poor setting in an article of jewelry, left with just the silver or metal of a ring or earring. In this case, however, there is still some value to be salvaged from the article of jewelry. Sell your precious metals to an online broker in order to get some quick, safe, fair cash for the gold or silver that your diamond has left behind.

Working with a precious metal broker, you’ll be able to receive insured mailing so that your package can be delivered safely and transported without worry. With your gold, silver, or platinum casing in hand, they’ll make you an offer for these metals and offer you a check in exchange for these metals. Simply keep the check and the transaction will be complete: precious metal broker will be able to put your old, broken jewelry to use for industrial purposes.

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