Recently it seems every where you look investment markets are in a tailspin. Part of it has to do with the housing collapse, part of it has to do with gross mismanagement of business interests, and some of it has to do with the fact that markets rise and fall. This is also true with the gold market as well. However historically the gold market has been much more stable than many other markets and is likely to continue being stable as time goes on. However there are some things that are acting to cause a bit of a slide in the price of gold.

A lot of people might think that the reason the gold market is slowing down has something to do with the ailing economy. This is actually not true, gold has often been where people start investing when other markets look shaky. The reason for this is that gold is considered to always have value no matter what a countries currency is doing. Yes there is some effect from the other markets, there always is, but as a long term barometer there are other factors that need to be understood besides comparison to other markets.

Perhaps the biggest thing leading to the slow down in the gold market is the fact that supply is once again catching up with demand. Just a few months ago gold was all over the news. It had been breaking record highs and was estimated to continue climbing. In response almost everyone started buying up gold from the public and selling it to gold buyers. Over time this created a more even supply versus the demand. However this is only part of the story.

Because of the sudden price jump in gold, many mines made the decision to increase production to take advantage of the price increase as well. With this happening again more gold became available, however, for a short time the increase in production only matched the increase in demand which kept gold climbing. But, as with most markets, when the roof was reached everything started to even out.

Again this is a case of supply catching up with demand.
However just because gold is slowing down does not mean it will never rise in price again. The truth is that gold will always rise and fall in price, just as every other market. However right now the tendency is in down and if you have been thinking of selling off some of your old gold jewelry to take advantage of this then right now is probably the best time to do this.

Yes the market will eventually go up again. However, with our current situation can you afford to wait? Right now more and more people across the world are loosing jobs, homes, and much more. Right now the money you could get from your gold could help you out in making things stretch a little further. Right now inflation is causing food prices to rise, which in turn causes other prices to rise, and this all links back to oil. It does not take an economic genius to know that economies all over the world are in trouble.

However, there is no reason, that with a little planning and thought, you can’t help yourself avoid the worst of it all. Sure selling your scrap gold is not going to make you a millionaire. But, it could get you a couple hundred extra dollars that can be used to catch up on bills, maybe put into savings, or even just buy groceries for the month.
Only you know what kind of situation you are in. Only you know what you would do with the extra money.

However, the good news is that gold brokers are willing to help you out by buying your old scrap gold. Whether you have broken bracelets, an old watch that doesn’t work, or even a few earrings that have lost their mates, gold brokers want your scrap gold. Not only do they want your scrap gold, but they will offer you much better prices than pawn shops and similar places. Also unlike pawn shops you can trust them and research them online.

Contact a gold broker and they will send you out a insured mailer for you to put your gold in. Once you place your gold in it send it to them. They will look over what you have sent and then contact you with an offer. Remember, please don’t send in the priceless family heirloom or the spectacular brooch you got for Christmas last year. Keep things that you have an emotional value too. While times are tough you don’t want you doing anything you might regret.