Become educated today with your own copy of our free consumer eBook “Dollars and Sense of Selling Gold”. Our visitor help desk compiled the answers to our most commonly asked questions and turned it into a great free resource for you. This 30 page eBook is packed with information, covering:

  • Basic Gold Knowledge
  • Options for Your Gold
  • Understanding Gold Pricing
  • When Its’ Right to Sell Gold
  • Mailing Gold Process
  • Appraisal Process
  • Much More!


Why is this free?
In case you haven’t noticed this entire website is free and dedicated to helping consumers make smarter decisions. Our sole goal is to help consumers become educated so they can better deal with these trying financial times. We are here to help consumers not to profit from them.

How do I get my free electronic copy?
You can download your own copy of Dollars & Sense of Selling Gold by right clicking in the link and selecting save as. The file is not password protected so you can open it immediately.

How do I open this ebook?
After you have downloaded the file to your computer it can be opened with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a pdf file and compatible with all pdf reading programs.

Is there a print version?
Sorry, this free ebook is not currenly available as a print version. We here at Sell Gold HQ are focusing our financial resources for researching and mystery shoppers. If you would like a print version you can print this free eBook on your computer printer. It is 30 pages long.