To many people, “platinum” carries a special meaning above even the other precious metals, silver and gold. We’re used to hearing about “platinum” albums being the best possible success for an album to reach (actually, it’s diamond), or we hear about “platinum blond” movie stars from the 1950s. When we buy platinum jewelry, the uneducated mind won’t be sure what to make of it, but those familiar with platinum know they’ve come across a rare and valuable commodity.

That’s why many people with broken or old platinum jewelry are sometimes hesitant to work with it. Thoughts like what if I break it? cross the mind, simply because one might not be aware of the innate durability of platinum. Too often, we let our own mental road blocks get in the way of excellent restoring and repairing that we can start – today – in order to get the very best out of our platinum jewelry.

This article will seek out and expose those roadblocks as we attempt to explain how to best restore and repair old or broken platinum jewelry.

Step 1: Diagnose the Problem

If you need repairs: how do you tell if you need repairs? Easy – your jewelry is broken. If it’s a platinum watch, maybe the band is broken, or you need to find out why the clock isn’t ticking anymore. You can also determine if you want to repair your jewelry by asking yourself if the platinum article is worth the money you’ll have to invest up-front simply to maintain the piece itself.

If you need restoring: if you aren’t in need of repairs, you can still invest a little money up front, or even invest a little in yourself. You can invest the money by giving it to a jeweler to restore and refinish your jewelry to make it look brand new, but you can also invest in yourself by finding out how this might be accomplished on your own, and attempting to do so.

Step 2: Take Action

Now that you know the problem, you know the immediate next step. You know that you’re probably have to take your platinum article to a jeweler.

That is, if you want to keep it. You don’t have to restore or repair your platinum jewelry if you don’t want it anymore, and at this point, it would be wiser to consider selling the platinum article to an online metal broker who can do more with the metals the article contains.

If you feel that you want to keep your platinum article for yourself or others, however, it’s time to take action and restore that platinum article to its original luster. Unlike working with a precious metal broker, this method will cost you money, but if you don’t mind spending money to maintain your platinum, you should be fine.

Step 3: Ask Questions

You’ve taken the action and now you’re at a jeweler. Suddenly, you don’t feel so smart. You ask them to look at your jewelry and give you their opinion on what you should do with your platinum. It’s tempting to accept their expertise at face value and acknowledge everything they say, but if you really want to do the best you can with your platinum jewelry, you’ll simply have to ask questions.

They don’t have to be difficult questions, but you should take a proactive approach. Ask about an estimate, for one, on the restorations or repairs. This will allow you to compare estimates between a number of different jewelers, if you feel especially enthusiastic about this project. Otherwise, simply ask what they think the platinum article really needs, and what solutions they might offer. If nothing else, you might learn a bit about jewelry that you can take with you for future endeavors.

Step 4: Ignore the Roadblocks

All during this process, it’s tempting to simply do nothing. “That article said to ask a jeweler, but I don’t know; I might just let the platinum sit here for a while.” Old or broken platinum does you no good while just sitting there; this is another one of those situations where you will get out of it what you put into it. Either you’re going to enhance the value of your platinum jewelry, or you’re going to let it sit a few more years in that safe or jewelry box.

Also, keep a variety of options open to you. If you don’t like any of the solutions, simply turn to platinum broker to sell the platinum – they won’t mind if the watch is broken or if the metal is dinged up, as long as the precious metals are present.