Math is not fun for many people. It is very important when it comes to precious metal. Often you will find yourself in a situation where you need to convert your pennyweight into the ounces to figure out how much money it is worth.

Below is a simple chart that converts pennyweight, grams, ounces, pounds, troy ounces and troy pounds Simply use the number in the right hand column to multiply by in order to convert one weight unit to another weight unit.


One …

Is equal to…

Gram (g) Ounces (oz) 0.03527
Gram (g) Pennyweights (dwt) 0.64301
Gram (g) Pounds (lbs) 0.0022
Gram (g) Troy ounces (t oz) 0.03215
Gram (g) Troy pounds (t lbs) 0.00268
Ounce (oz) Grams (g) 28.34952
Ounce (oz) Pennyweights (dwt)   18.22916
Ounce (oz) Pounds (lbs) 0.0625
Ounce (oz) Troy ounces (t oz) 0.91145
Ounce (oz) Troy pounds (t lbs) 0.0766
Pennyweight (dwt)   Grams (g) 1.55517
Pennyweight (dwt) Ounces (oz) 0.05485
Pennyweight (dwt) Pounds (lbs) 0.00342
Pennyweight (dwt) Troy ounces (t oz) 0.05
Pennyweight (dwt) Troy pounds (t lbs) 0.00417
Pound (lb) Grams (g) 453.59237
Pound (lb) Ounces (oz) 16
Pound (lb) Pennyweights (dwt) 291.66666
Pound (lb) Troy ounces (t oz) 14.58333
Pound (lb) Troy pounds (t lbs) 1.21527
Troy ounce (t oz) Grams (g) 31.10347
Troy ounce (t oz) Ounces (oz) 1.09714
Troy ounce (t oz) Pennyweights (dwt) 20
Troy ounce (t oz) Pounds (lbs) 0.06857
Troy ounce (t oz) Troy pounds (t lbs) 0.08333
Troy pound (t lb) Grams (g) 373.24172
Troy pound (t lb) Ounces (oz) 13.16571
Troy pound (t lb) Pennyweights (dwt) 240
Troy pound (t lb) Pounds (lbs) 0.82285
Troy pound (t lb) Troy ounces (t oz) 12