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Why Recycle Gold Watches?

Many of the world’s top watches are valuable for many reasons. There is a certain esteem to be had from purchasing a watch like a Rolex or Omega – the name recognition alone can command a certain amount of money. But Rolex and Omega earned their place in the watch world by producing gold, silver, […]

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Recycling Gold for Cash

Gold has always had a special role in human commerce and culture. Somewhat like land, gold is a finite, precious commodity with stable long-term prices. As you’re about to find out, using your spare gold to generate extra cash isn’t a difficult thing to do, and can even be fun.

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Debunking Myths about Gold Recycling

Some people have reservations about gold and other precious metal recycling because it isn’t as common as recycling paper, cardboard, or aluminum cans.  In fact, one of the reasons gold recycling can be so advantageous – its higher return price – is a reason people worry about collecting their scrap gold and having it appraised.

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