Gold, gold, gold. Everywhere you look, everything you hear, it’s all talking about gold. Recently gold has seen record high prices in the market and while it has calmed down a bit, is still a very strong investment. Unfortunately most people do not have enough money to get involved in gold from an investment stand point.

However, while you may not have enough money to buy gold, if you are a dentist there is still a way for you to get involved by selling gold. You can sell the old gold fillings and other gold dental material that you have been storing to precious metal brokers.

You most likely have heard the same thing from many other companies. In fact you are also probably aware that not everyone who says they will give you a good deal will. The sad fact is that not everyone who is involved in buying gold is honest.

In fact many people who want you to sell gold online are little more than pawn shops with a web site. Here are some tips to make sure you are using a good precious metal broker. First always work with an insured mailer. This lets you know that you don’t have to worry about loosing money if something happens to the package. Also make sure they have hired appraisers who will give an honest appraisal. Finally that they have a reputation of offering a fair price.

One thing to keep in mind as you consider selling all that gold scrap you have stored is that you don’t want to send in all your brand new stuff. In fact precious metal brokers are mainly looking for scrap gold that is of no use to you. They want this because they realize that you have paid quite a bit of money for it and they believe that you deserve getting a little back for the stuff that you can’t use and they can recycle.

If you are not a dentist and you don’t have access to gold fillings and other dental material, do not worry. There are still plenty of ways for you to get involved in selling gold. Perhaps the best source for the average consumer today is the old scrap jewelry that you don’t want anymore because it is damaged or broken. Also there is the various awards, medals an other memorabilia that may have a high gold content in it as well.

If you are serious about selling gold to make a little bit of extra money then there are many, many places you can look. Don’t be afraid to call the parents and ask them if they have anything they might be willing to get rid of. If they do, offer to cut them in on the profit. Also think about calling the in laws. The main idea is that you are looking for scrap gold, not the pristine jewelry that your mother keeps in her safe, but the mismatched earrings, or the bent bracelet.

Once you have the gold it’s a simple matter of contacting a precious metal broker and they will send you an insured mailer. While dental gold is valuable gold, so is the gold on that old watch that quit working years ago. Once you receive the mailer it is a simple manner of placing the gold you want to sell in the envelope and sending it off. One the gold broker receives the envelope they will give you an offer, when you accept the offer they will send you the money. It really is that easy and it is safe.

So whether you are a dentist looking to get rid of some of their old gold scrap, or you are just an average every day person hoping to make a little money, selling your scrap gold can get you a little more than you had before. There are some pretenders out there, but there are also many trusted gold broker. They will work to provide both safety and courteous service in every transaction they make. Times are looking like they may be hard for a while yet, why not take this opportunity to help shore things up a bit by selling some scrap gold?