Please enjoy our free articles that discuss selling gold and all related issues. To help you better navigate them we have sorted the gold articles into categories.

  • Ask Gold Guru
    A helpful collection of articles that answer common questions submitted by consumers to Sell Gold HQ. Our in house gold gurus are happy to share their experiences and knowledge with the public. There is no reason for you to take a risk when you can learn from us. If you would like to submit a question for our Ask Gold Guru please use our contact form.


  • Gemstones
    Have a question about diamonds or other gemstones? This is your category if have loose gemstones or jewelry containing gemstones. Learn more about gemstones and how to maximize their value.


  • Gold Trivia
    We may know all lot about selling gold but being involved with the gold industry for so long we also know some interesting information about gold. In this category we share this informational that is sometimes educational and other times just trivial. This information may not increase your monetary value but it will increase your educational value.


  • Precious Metals
    Learn about precious metals other than gold that are in high demand. Did you know platinum is several times more valuable than gold and silver is also in high demand. Maximize your opportunity by learning about other options that can bring you money for unused and broken items that are not gold.


  • Price of Gold
    If you are looking to sell gold you probably want to better understand the price of gold. Learn about the historical and current influences on the price of gold. Also discover the calculations that determine how much money gold items are really worth.


  • Recycle Gold
    Being green is important in today’s world. Learn about the environmental impact gold has and how you can help recycle gold. Instead of hoarding gold you can help the environment by recycling your unused gold so it can be reused for industrial use and new jewelry making.


  • Selling Gold
    Better understand the gold selling process by reading these articles. Do not make a rookie mistake when you can maximize the value of your gold by learning from our experience. We help guide through the many options you have to sell your gold.